Byte Factory


I have several years of experience in ASP.NET development. The most recent works that I have done is for the site, where I have been involved in feeds, image upload functions, GPS data import, article management and lots of other things. If I should pick a favorite thing I have done there I pick the Running Calculator (in Swedish). Try it! (If you understand the language...)

Other ASP.NET projects I have built is a requisition management system and a system for automatic generation of price lists/product brochures for Ascom Sweden.

JavaScript & jQuery

As a web developer I have written quite a lot of JavaScript code, and also used jQuery. To see an example of this, have a look at the map function at, where you can measure distances on a map. Besides Google Maps API, it also uses the Google API:s Directions and Elevation to automatically find paths where the user clicks and to create elevation curves respectively.

Microsoft SQL Server

Almost all projects I have been working with for the last ten years use SQL Server as backbone. I have primarily done database design/development, but have also experience from SQL server administration (versions 2000, 2005, 2008 and 2012). I have done everything from installing the SQL server software to writing stored procedures and functions.

Windows Forms

I have built several Windows applications (.NET based) for the Fideltronik (formerly Ascom) production plant in Herrljunga. Among these I'd like to mention a system for management and assembly of outgoing deliveries. This system was tightly integrated with the ERP system ASW and the Centiro transport administration system. I also built a system for management and return delivery of repaired units. Finally I'd like to mention the Wireless Andon (Swedish) system that I built together with a colleague.

Android development

Currently I have one app in Google Play Store. The app is called Svettig. It is a GPS based training app (similar to RunKeeper), that uploads its data to the Swedish training site You can download Svettig here.