Byte Factory

Do you need a developer?

My name is Oskar Lundgren. Byte Factory is my company where I offer my services as a software developer. I have thirteen years of experience in software development, mostly with .NET/Microsoft SQL server, but also with various other technologies. You find more information about what I have done here, including links to work samples. Don't hesitate to contact me here if you are interested in my services!

Successful IT solutions

A good process and good communication are corner stones for successful IT projects. I prefer to work with agile development methods (such as Scrum and Kanban). The goal of agile development is to deliver what the customer really needs through close collaboration between developer and customer. In that way the customer will notice unwanted features at an early stage, and the implementation can be pointed in another direction.

Technical knowledge

The next corner stone in creating successful IT projects is solid knowledge around technology and programming methodology. I have studied at the masters programme in computational science at the university of Gothenburg, and the continuously strived to learn more through literature, courses/conferences and of course through blogs, Stack Overflow and other web sites.